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Estate Entrance Gates

Estate Entrance Gates can be fitted with RIB gate openers. Durable, reliable and able to function in -30º C conditions.

KING operators are available in various versions, for easy and functional use anywhere, from detached dwellings or apartment blocks to large company premises.

It is made and designed to operate silently and to provide long-term durability.
The mechanics, with components lubricated using special synthetic grease, the large 3-thread endless screw, the double helicalimpact-proof gear, it’s been designed to guarantee maximum silence, strength and reliability.
Thanks to these special characteristics, KING units can even be fitted on gates of big size.

KING 120V, with the optional buffer batteries, means that black-outs will pass totally unnoticed. It is possible to do up to 40 cycles during the black out period.
KING 120V can also work without batteries.

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