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Can You Make Custom Products?

Yes, we offer a fully custom manufacturing facility that can produce just about anything to your specifications.


What Color Are The T & STB Faux Wood Beams?

The T and STB faux beam line are finished in a multi-tone, rich walnut stain. Since computer monitors are all different, we strongly recommend ordering a sample. Colors may appear different than they actually are.


Are MTA Caledon Faux Beams Heavy?

No, MTA Caledon Faux Beams are very light weight. In fact, the average weight is less than 20 pounds.


Are The Mouldings & Beams Easy To Work With?

Yes, all of the MTA Caledon Products are easy to install. All you will need are traditional woodworking tools such as hand or electric saw, measuring tape, nails/screws, etc.


Does MTA Make Flex Mouldings?

Yes, all of our mouldings are available in Flex. Flex mouldings are made specifically for your project. It typically takes two weeks to produce the flex mouldings for your project. There are special order forms that need to be to be completed when ordering flex. We will be happy to send you the forms.

What Are The Benefits of Polyurethane?

Products that are made out of polyurethane have numerous advantages. A few major benefits of polyurethane are: economics, lightweight, easy to install, impervious to moisture, does NOT rot or decay, insect resistant, spectacular and lifelike detail, and polyurethane will not turn or twist over time, as wood can and will do.


Does your product expand or contract?

As with all decorative accents made from both wood and polyurethane there is a small degree of expansion and contraction. However, the MTA product line will expand and contract 1/3 of what wood does. We recommend that you store your products in room temperature area prior to installation.


Can The Product Be Used Outside?

Yes, polyurethane can be installed outside. It is very important that you either finish the product with a UV protective finish, or use an exterior grade paint or gel-stain. The pre-finished faux wood product line is finished with an interior grade stain. You must apply a UV protective finish if installing the pre-finished products outside.


Do MTA Caledon Products Come finished?

The MTA Caledon (T, STB, M & STC series) Faux Beams & Corbels, come both finished and unfinished. The unfinished beams are ready to be gel-stained or painted. Finished beams or corbels are offered in a multi-tone walnut finish.


Is There Touch Up Stain For The Beams?

Yes, we offer touch up stain.



Faux wood installation


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